Saturday, November 20, 2010

Enjoying the Ride yet?

Lately these days seem like an emotional roller coaster.
I love the days when things seem to come together nicely...
I hold on to the good news and try to stay positive.

Its harder than it seems because at times there are more bad than good.
The ups and downs literally keep my head spinning.
I just wonder when this ride will be over...
I am thankful to be able to afford this ticket though.
I know there are so many women out there who can't.
I get that being able to try is a blessing alone.

This week I started my fourth cycle.
The excitement that existed when I first started is not there anymore.
My heart feels so heavy...

My clock is ticking so loud it wakes me up at times.
I want my baby boy(s) or girl(s)
So all I can do is continue my little ride.

I will patiently wait for it to come to an end. 
I know it will be worth it.
And a new journey will begin.

**Thanks to everyone for their support. This is such an emotional time for us all and it really helps to have people you can root for and that you know are rooting for you!
Baby bust to us all.

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